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August 16th, 2011

There is nothing more beautiful and healthy looking than a good tan. The process only takes 10-12 minutes and the spray tan machine makes it so easy. There is a lot of research being done on U.V. rays. Exposure to UV rays can cause damage and have an unfavorable affect on the skin. A natural way of tanning with no risks will put your mind at ease.

The biggest complaint with a spray tan is the inconvenience of the smell and left over residue. This is a thing of the past. With the newest scientific studies it is now possible to have a glorious tan, with no orange skin tone or unpleasant smell. The professional quality ensures that you have a healthy, long lasting tan.

The deep long lasting sunless tan is achieved by the top of the line products used. The solutions are packed full of natural ingredients that are organically grown. To ensure that your skin is toned and cared for the products are also moisturizing and anti-oxidant filled. All organic solutions are fragrance-free and will give you that natural brown glow.

The spray tan machine is simple to use and easy to read instructions are included. This will give you the confidence and equip you with the skills of what to do before and after the tanning experience. The easy care accessory equipment has an air gun that attaches to a little air compressor. This is specially designed for all of the hard to reach places. Application will be smooth and there will be no solution on the hands.

The search for expert tanning equipment that is affordable has come to an end. A new business venture would be an excellent investment. The highest quality salons have added spray tanning to their list of professional skin care services. There are spray tan accredited courses for those in the spray tan industry. The basics and theory are taught to be able to carry out a professional spray tan on clients.

Imagine the convenience of having your very own spray tan machine. The money saved can be thousands of dollars. The investment will pay for itself in just a few treatments. Many have made this choice and can give testimony to the fact that they no longer pay high prices to the spa. This is such an affordable way to keep that healthy glow all year round.

August 16th, 2011

By Rachel Campbell Staff Writer

USC Daily Trojan

The 901 Club is dirty and small. Traddies is dirty and small. And frat parties have become poor excuses to interrupt studying – not to mention dirty and smelly. So, where can an ‘SC student turn when the itch to party comes along? The answer is Club Envy, which opens its doors tonight on the corner of 29th Street and Vermont Avenue. Started by two USC students, Club Envy fills a hole that has been missing near the University Park campus – a full-scale, Hollywood-style nightclub. The men behind this nearly yearlong operation to open a dance club for USC students are recent graduate Rob Lonardo and Adam Hipp, a junior majoring in computer engineering. Club Envy offers everything an upscale nightclub should, with the added convenience of being located a few blocks from campus, and takes the word ghetto out of the list of adjectives used to describe the USC area.

August 16th, 2011

Wynns Real Estate Investing Group, LLC


June 20, 2007

Re: Robert Lonardo

Robert Lonardo has been a business associate and a good friend of mine for ten years. I have known about the 2 arrests Robert had over 10 years ago in the State of Florida as he has been forthright about them. He has always worn that experience like a badge on his sleeve due to the fact that experience he learned more from than anything else in his life. Robert has come a very long way since those incidents and leads a life of example for others to follow.

Robert Lonardo has always been a professional who will go at length to complete his goals in life personally as well as professionally. He is very motivated, responsible and a team player and has a talent for this industry. I know with certainty and trust that Robert will be of value and a huge asset to your company.



If you have any questions please without hesitation contact me.






Marty R. Wynn

Chief Executive Officer


5480 Annapolis Road

Suite 202-135

Bowie, MD 20715

Phone 301-440-6759 Fax 301-805-9722

August 9th, 2011

June 2, 2007 To Whom it May Concern, I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Mr. Robert Lonardo because he is a true friend. I have been friends with Robert for close to twenty years. Ever since he was a young man, Robert has been a go-getter. Robert always showed the determination to be the best in everything he did, if it was school, work, or play. He was always there to lend a hand if I needed someone to talk to or even a place to stay. I was there for Robert when he was first arrested in 1996 through the end of his probation giving him the support he needed as a friend to get through that horrible time. There is no greater gift a man can give to a friend but to allow them to see firsthand the transformation from a boy to a respectable and honest man. Robert Lonardo has proven to me he has the confidence to be the best in his next venture in life. His hard work and dedication to me speaks for it self. Life has many changes and he is one person that can change the life of others. With this said would definitely recommend Robert in his latest venture. If you have any questions about Robert feel free to call me directly.

Sincerely, Christopher Sinyei
State of Florida Notary Public
Phone 401-480-3329

August 6th, 2011

Spray tanning has definitely gotten much more popular as of late as people are getting more concerned about the causes of skin cancer. With the harmful UV radiation from tanning beds and the sun, people are looking for other options in order to get the golden California tan that they have always wanted.  While spray tanning used to make people’s skin look orange, this industry has improved by leaps and bounds to give people the golden brown tan that will wow their friends and family.  If anyone understands how this works, it’s Rob Lonardo.

Rob Lonardo is the founder and CEO of Spray Tan LA in Los Angeles, CA. His vision and experience has helped Spray Tan LA not only be one of the top spray tan salons in the LA area, but it has also helped this business to become the leading distributer of spray tan products, machines, and tents in the entire world!  Rob Lonardo has created a great system in which people can get a spray tan on location, or they can buy the equipment necessary to provide spray tanning systems. In fact, Spray Tan LA can provide other spray tan businesses with the equipment that they need to run and operate their business successfully.

While Spray Tan LA is doing very well, it is fun to take a look at the people behind all of the success.  In this case, it is Rob Lonardo.  Who is this guy?  Rob Lonardo has been in the California area since 2001 after graduating from the University of Southern California in 2001.  Rob loves red wine, physical fitness, sports, bar hopping, social activities, and dining out.  He also enjoys traveling and his two miniature pinschers Tillman and Tanner.  While being a successful CEO, Rob Lonardo is a grounded individual that is down to earth and has a very outgoing personality to match his drive and motivation.  Anyone that has meet him will say that he is very friendly and that his positive personality is contagious.  It’s individuals like this that deserve to succeed in life, and Rob Lonardo is definitely doing so running the day to day operations of Spray Tan LA. As you can see, it takes a positive and well liked individual such as Rob Lonardo to have the ingredients for success.  With Rob at the helm, I’m sure we’ll see Spray Tan LA continue to skyrocket up the charts and be as successful as ever.